If you're a Garden Listener / Pocket Garden Listener user you might have noticed that electrode pads will lose adhesion over time due to dust and pollen. Probes wires can be damaged over the time and might start being faulty; also, the given snap-on probes might not be the best option if your plant has small and fragile leaves or, like some succulents, it does not have leaves at all.
Here are some Garden Listener gadgets you might be looking for:

3.5mm snap-on electrode pads replacements;

snap-on probes wire with 3.5mm jack;

“ear-clip” style probes wire with 2.5mm jack;

TRS-MIDI (type A) adaptor;

In case you want to chain your ICSn modules and keep them far from each other inside your rack, you can use these Dupont jumper wires: simply use a female-to-female wire to connect your two modules (take the image on the instructions manual as reference). You can use a male-to-female wire as an extension cord if one wire is not enough!


We love DIY ‘cause we think it’s a great way to learn electronics and to understand how things work, and, let’s say that, playing a musical instrument, whatever it is, knowing you’ve built that, it’s an awesome feeling! Sometimes, however, mistakes happen and fixing your PCB with the wrong tools can turn your afternoon-hobby into a nightmare. Here are some tools we use every day to build our products and fix them and that we think are a “must-have” on your bench for your projects: