Clatters offers a one year period of warranty on each built product purchased from our website.

During this period all defecting or malfunctioning devices will be repaired or even substituted with a new unit.

This service will be applied unless an external damage is proven.

Only Clatters is allowed to repair its own products. Any external attempts of repair/modding will void the warranty. In case of out of warranty damages, devices could also be sent for servicing; in this case shipping costs must be covered by the owner.
Requests must be sent by mail at the address: clattersmachines@gmail.com with the object “Repair info”.

DO NOT FORGET: The purchase invoice has always to be demonstrated and then included inside the shipped box. The packaging provided is not meant to be a shipping box itself. When shipping back, put everything inside a larger shipping enclosure. Remember to fill the gaps inside with some shock absorbing foam/paper.We are not responsible for improper boxing and shipping damages.


Clatters does not take responsibility for any damage that you could bring to boards and/or components by choosing to assemble and solder our products by your own. DIY kits are not covered by the above Warranty Policy, but you can always contact us for support and for using our repair service. Before doing that, have a look at our Support for DIYers section on the Support page: you may be able to solve your problem by your own.